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pure turmeric moisturizing soap

Turmeric is excellent for acne because it's a natural antiseptic. Also works wonders with condition-riddled skin.

Organic Tumeric
Organic Tumeric

Turmeric Soap 3.jpg
Turmeric Soap 3.jpg

Organic Tumeric
Organic Tumeric

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rich, creamy  body butter.

Our body butter and soaps are made with the purest, unrefined shea butter from Africa. Provides nourishment for your skin, and gives a healthy glow.

earth's finest

Wild Essence soaps are made with quality oils and the purest ingredients on Earth, and hand cut to perfection. Quality is our top priority. We also use the finest herbs, some only found in the island of Jamaica known to have healing powers.

Natural Herbs

"I've always wanted to try natural soaps. Plus, my skin starting to break out more than usual. I am highly satisfied with my purchase."

krystal, Tampa
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