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Aloe Vera Plant

Wild Essence Soaps are handmade with top quality Natural Organic ingredients. All our soaps are hand cut and made in small batches. We use  only  the finest oils and botanicals, and the  purest ingredients on Earth! We grow a lot of what we use in our soaps and other products in Jamaica.


It's important to incorporate our roots into the creation of our soaps. Many of our ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Turmeric, Cerasee, and other herbs known to have healing powers come from Jamaica.  In our home in Florida, we grow aloe vera, lavender, eucalyptus  among many other plants.. We have worked for over 18 years on these recipes to find the perfect blend.  



Gourmet Olive Oil
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Making these soaps is a passion  and brings so much joy to hear when customers share that it has helped with their skin issues. Everyone deserves to feel confident in the skin they're in.